Twentieth Challenge Result (Bad circus monkey)

December 29, 2008

Happy My Birthday! But enough about me; let’s talk about you and your fabulous haiku…

Sam2u started us off:

Juggles the steak knives,
to warm up for surgery;
Doc Benihana

Becki weighed in:

“Juggles the Steak Knives”
was the star attraction post
“Dances With Jellyfish” days.

From Alec:

Juggles the steak knives –
four of five jugglers agree:
“It didn’t kill me”


Juggles the steak knives,
jiggles his belly, tends deer
Santa’s part-time jobs.


Juggles the steak, knives,
cheese, carrots, lettuce, and eggs:
Julienne Salad!


Juggles the steak knives,
fails to impress the critics.
Cutting reviews hurt.

Ham! gave us

Juggles the steak knives –
Illegal. This law made by…

From Sarah L:

Jugglest he: steak knives
and chain saws! Dost thou cower?
Oh ye of no faith.

jenny t weighed in with

“Juggles!” The steak knives
harass the milk carton. Taunts
from knives cut deeply.


“Juggles the steak!” “Knives
flying!” Iron Chef color
person yells, then ducks.

I suggested

Juggles the steak knives
to impress date… Should have bought
rose instead, eunuch.

And now let’s hear from Ben:

I really liked Ham!’s verse ending in the single word “Vegetarians!”; and almost picked Alec’s “Cutting reviews hurt” for the terrific word play but ultimately, ismoon.maria and her “Bad circus monkey”. captured my imagination for the win.

“Juggles! The steak knives
are for eating not throwing.”
Bad circus monkey.

Thanks, Ben! And congratulations to ismoon.maria! Our new first line is Bad circus monkey. Have at it, and I’ll be back next Monday with ismoon.maria’s pick.



8 Responses to “Twentieth Challenge Result (Bad circus monkey)”

  1. jenny t Says:

    Bad circus monkey –
    for those satisfying splats –
    greases the trapeze.

  2. Alec & Sam2u Says:

    Bad Circus! Monkey,
    fetch me the cannons and clowns!
    Bring this big top down.

  3. Alec Says:

    Bad circus monkey
    Terrorizes the ice cream
    While bananas split.

  4. jenny t Says:

    Bad circus monkey
    Writes his haiku with one too
    many syllables. See?

  5. Ben Says:

    Bad circus monkey,
    teased big cats mercilessly.
    Need new lion tamer.

  6. Joanna Says:

    Bad circus monkey–
    it tastes too fatty. Next time,
    order wild monkey.

  7. Ben Says:

    Bad circus monkey,
    arthritic trapeze artist,
    sad clowns. Let’s go home.

  8. Ben Says:

    bad circus monkey
    tried to go home with the man
    with the yellow hat

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