Seventeenth Challenge Result (Ref calls party foul)

December 8, 2008

Hello again! Let’s turn things over to Sam2u:

Apparently there are strong feelings about bellbottoms and plaid. We heard scorn and lament for the bellbottoms & plaid combination.

From Alec:

Bell bottoms and plaid.
Back again? Hibernation.
Wake me when they’re gone

And again:

Bell bottoms and plaid –
That stuff still in your wardrobe??
Dang. Moths let me down.

From Jenny T:

Bell bottoms and plaid.
No wonder I was not so
popular at school.

and from ismoon.maria (whom I have to strongly agree with!):

Bell Bottoms and Plaid
high school hippie, a redux
but grunge was better

And yet… a bit of love for the fad, or perhaps a dislike of dogs…

From Ben:

Bell bottoms and plaid.
He looks so adorable!
Yes, my dog hates me.

And our own Ben aged on us this week as Jenny T shared:

Bell bottoms and plaid
Make me excited that it’s
Ben’s Birthday today!


So Ben divulged a bit about how he spent his day:

Bell bottoms and plaid.
Things that are old and Scottish?
Make mine a double.

Meanwhile…. HAM! shared part of his pal Bell’s shopping list (and took good advantage of creative spelling):

Bell bott, um… sand, plaid
sandals, and a yo-yo too!
To be continued…

* note: I realize that this is not how one spells “bought.”

and I couldn’t resist sharing a vivid image (probably best kept for therapy on my own time, but here ’tis):

BELL!!! Botttoms and plaid
flash as the kilts fly too high;
Scots racing to class.

I choose Sarah L’s haiku:

Bell bottoms and plaid.
Who invited Jack Ramsay?
Ref calls party foul.

Coach Jack Ramsay epitomizes bellbottoms & plaid for me – he daringly wore both. I also remember scars from a bellbottom-in-bike-chain crash the day the Blazers took the NBA title. But, again probably best dealt with on my own time.

Thanks Sam2u! And congratulations to Sarah L! Our new first line is Ref calls party foul. Have at it, haikuers! I’ll see you next Monday with Sarah L’s pick.



13 Responses to “Seventeenth Challenge Result (Ref calls party foul)”

  1. jenny t Says:

    Ref calls party foul:
    “10 yards for double dipping!”
    Damn. Busted again.

  2. Ben Says:

    Ref calls party foul…
    “Guest, nursing their beverage.”
    Three shot penalty!

  3. Ben Says:

    Ref calls party! Foul
    mood descends on losing team.
    No invitations.

  4. Alec Says:

    Ref calls party foul,
    but it is not foul at all.
    Get your nose checked, bud!

  5. Alec Says:

    Ref calls. Party foul!
    Whose bright idea was it
    to answer that phone?

  6. Alec Says:

    Ref calls party foul.
    “Fair is foul and foul is fair!”
    Witch commentary…

  7. Ben Says:

    Ref calls party “foul”.
    Should not have invited him.
    Too many critics.

  8. Sam2u Says:

    Ref calls party foul.
    Daft Olympia displays:
    cover ’em with snow!

    (* only pertinent for a few days, but woohoo: SNOW!)

  9. Sam2u Says:

    Ref calls party foul.
    An eggnog fruitcake?!?!? … Goodbye!
    Host can clear a room.

  10. Sam2u Says:

    Ref calls party foul.
    Fruitcake makes my hot buns cross.
    Stay tuned for “Carb Wars”.

  11. Alec Says:

    Ref calls “par”. Ty foul,
    But he looks fine. In the end,
    all balances out.

  12. Alec Says:

    Ref calls part ‘y’ foul.
    (Regulations prohibit
    calling it by name.)

  13. Ben Says:

    Ref calls “Party Foul;”
    his Labrador Receiver.
    Strange name for a dog.

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