Sixteenth Challenge Result (bell bottoms and plaid)

December 1, 2008

Hello again! Before we get to Kevin’s pick this week, let’s take a moment to appreciate the entries:

Ben discussed fashion:

Earth’s the latest fad.
Mud covered starlets at Cannes.
Soil is the new black.

While jenny t discussed travel:

Earth’s the latest fad.
For thrill-seeking aliens,
It’s like Disneyland!

I brought up food:

Earth’s the latest fad
diet: so few calories
in those fresh mud pies.

And Michelle explored entertainment:

Earth’s the latest fad.
“Galactic Next Top Model”–
Move over Tyra.

Ham! was confessional:

Earths the latest fad.
I’m not a perfect person,
Sometimes I pollute.

Alec looked at the bigger picture:

Earth’s the latest fad –
can’t avoid the marketing!
But this too will pass.


Earth’s the latest fad.
It’s, like, totally awesome.
Dig it dude? … Well, yeah.


Earth’s the latest. Fad-
ing fast in the final stretch.
Better luck next time.

and jumped around the dial:

“Earth’s the” … “LA!!” … “test” … “fad” …
Pick a station already!
You’re driving me nuts.

And here is Kevin’s final call:

I chose this one:

Sam2u Says:

Earth’s the latest fad.
Once loved, becomes forgotten;
bell bottoms and plaid.

Because it rhymes and evokes painful memories of childhood fashion tragedies.

Thanks Kevin! And congratulations to Sam2u! Our new first line is bell bottoms and plaid. I think this will be a particularly amusing week…



10 Responses to “Sixteenth Challenge Result (bell bottoms and plaid)”

  1. HAM! Says:

    Bell bott, um… sand, plaid
    sandals, and a yo-yo too!
    To be continued…

    * note: I realize that this is not how one spells “bought.” Ha!

  2. Sam2u Says:

    BELL!!! Botttoms and plaid
    flash as the kilts fly too high;
    Scots racing to class.

    * I know I can’t win but it was such a powerful image.

  3. Sarah L. Says:

    Bell bottoms and plaid.
    Who invited Jack Ramsey?
    Ref calls party foul.

  4. Alec Says:

    Bell bottoms and plaid.
    Back again? Hibernation.
    Wake me when they’re gone.

  5. jenny t Says:

    Bell bottoms and plaid.
    No wonder I was not so
    popular at school.

  6. Ben Says:

    Bell bottoms and plaid.
    He looks so adorable!
    Yes, my dog hates me.

  7. jenny t Says:

    Bell bottoms and plaid
    Make me excited that it’s
    Ben’s Birthday today!


  8. Ben Says:

    Bell bottoms and plaid.
    Things that are old and Scottish?
    Make mine a double.

  9. ismoon.maria Says:

    Bell Bottoms and Plaid
    high school hippie, a redux
    but grunge was better

  10. Alec Says:

    Bell bottoms and plaid —
    That stuff still in your wardrobe??
    Dang. Moths let me down.

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