Fifteenth Challenge Result (earth’s the latest fad)

November 24, 2008

Hello! I’m going to turn things right over to Alec:

Ironically, “Water’s out” led to a flood of new Haiku.

Ben spoke of music whose time had come… and gone:

Too late, Waters out.
Floyd is just a memory.
Dark side of the moon.

…and shared a realization that perhaps should have come a little sooner:

Too late, water’s out
of control. Torrential rains.
How much for the Ark?

Was the baby on its way, as Sam believed?

Too late – waters out,
sorry ’bout upholstery…
This baby’s ready!

…or had someone thrown out the good with the bad as Ben feared?

Too late, waters’ out
of the bath. Wait! Did you toss
the baby with it?

Some of you shared tales of epic battles. From ismoon.maria:

“Too late, Waters! Out
with your evil plans, foiled
I’ll get you next time

…and Joanna:

Too late. Water’s out
of time to remake Star Wars;
No Divine Vader.

Debrarian watched the elements in heated competition:

Too late! Water’s out
of time. Earth hits the buzzer,
and slaps hands with Fire.

And jenny t saw that even evolution must sometimes wait its turn:

Too late! Water’s out
to sea. Primordial soup
construction setback.

Thoughts of water led some of you to contemplate all things imbibe-able. Ben worried:

Too late, waters’ out.
You can’t hold your glass upright.
Big drinking problem.

Meanwhile, david r embraced the alternative (losing his identity to jenny t in the process)…

too late, waters’ out…
then make mine a double with rocks
liver says good luck?!

…and demanded prompt service…

too late, waters’ out,
garcon, where’s my tonic?!
my gin is most parched

…while bemoaning the cursed state of his low-cost appetizers:

too late, waters’ out…
why do they taste like rat poop?
oh yeah, they’re raisins.

Alas, all of the above apparently left him (or was it jenny t?) in a sour state of mind:

too late, water’s out,
trees next, oil not far behind
humans kinda suck!

Observations on bodily discomfort came from bvilla:

too late. waters out.
stomach and bladder dried up.
dasani sounds nice.

…and Ham!

Too late. Water’s out.
Dehydration coming next.
Help me, I’m pruny!

…and the Peanut gallery (Sam2u & Alec – I couldn’t resist):

Too late. Water’s out.
Foley Catheter, Batman!
‘Yer in trouble now…

Kevin Moore had helpful household tips to share:

Too late. Water’s out.
Carbonated soda and
Lemon kills the stain.

Sam2U was baffled by the moon…

Too late. Waters out.
Wait… It’s in again!… No… out.
I just don’t get tides.

…undaunted by drought…

“Too late, waters out.”
“Pass the canteen anyway.
I have got a plan…”

…and described a baseball scene that would have left Abbott as confused as Costello:

Too late! Waters’ out;
Washcloth is safe on second.
Soap is up to bat.

Sam’s tide Haiku still has me grinning, days after reading it for the first time; and Ben’s Noah reference cracks me up. But in the end I return to Kevin Moore’s work:

Too late, water’s out,
fire’s passé, air’s last year,
earth’s the latest fad.

And in response to that, I have but one thing to say:

Haiku bends the earth,
Avatar reference tops all –
Winner is Kevin!

Thanks to Alec and congratulations to Kevin! Our new first line is earth’s the latest fad. Mull that over while you eat lots and lots of pie on Thursday. I’ll be back with Kevin’s choice on Monday.

Happy Thanksgiving!



11 Responses to “Fifteenth Challenge Result (earth’s the latest fad)”

  1. Ben Says:

    Earth’s the latest fad.
    Mud covered starlets at Cannes.
    Soil is the new black.

  2. jenny t Says:

    Earth’s the latest fad.
    For thrill-seeking aliens,
    It’s like Disneyland!

  3. Joanna Says:

    Earth’s the latest fad
    diet: so few calories
    in those fresh mud pies.

  4. michelle Says:

    Earth’s the latest fad.
    “Galactic Next Top Model”–
    Move over Tyra.

  5. Sam2u Says:

    Earth’s the latest fad.
    Once loved, becomes forgotten;
    bell bottoms and plaid.

  6. Ham! Says:

    Earths the latest fad.
    I’m not a perfect person,
    Sometimes I pollute.

  7. Alec Says:

    Earth’s the latest fad —
    can’t avoid the marketing!
    But this too will pass.

  8. Alec Says:

    Earth’s the latest fad.
    It’s, like, totally awesome.
    Dig it dude? … Well, yeah.

  9. Alec Says:

    Earth’s the latest. Fad-
    ing fast in the final stretch.
    Better luck next time.

  10. Alec Says:

    “Earth’s the” … “LA!!” … “test” … “fad” …
    Pick a station already!
    You’re driving me nuts.

  11. ismoon.maria Says:

    Earth’s the latest fad
    green, brown, and the rest or it’s
    extinction, stupid!

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