Fourteenth Challenge Result (…too late. Water’s out.)

November 18, 2008

Hullo! As always, there were excellent entries this week. Let’s review them, shall we?

Many of us discussed our own energy crises, like Alec:

Energy crisis
Three hundred papers to grade
Not enough coffee

and Alec again:

Energy Crisis
Migraine crushes my brain cells
I can’t remember…

and HAM!:

Energy crisis!
Huffing and puffing uphill.
Where’s my Luna bar?

and Ben:

Energy crisis,
nothing can rouse me from bed.
Do I smell bacon?

and Ben again:

Energy crisis?
Hell no! Red bull and cocaine.
Heart’s gonna explode.

and me:

Energy crisis,
Don’t wanna talk to people.
Staying in pjs.

and Kevin Moore:

Energy crisis!
And a head full of lice is
How I spent age six.

HAM! discussed the agony of defeat:

En… er…Gy? Crisis!
I don’t know how to spell gon!
Bye, bye spelling bee.

Zoe Trope gave us a history lesson:

Energy crisis
meant something else back then: what,
no matches? oh no!

And jenny t analyzed advertising:

Energy crisis!
“We’ll leave the light on for you.”
Please don’t, Motel 6.

Speaking of jenny t, she won last week’s challenge, so I’m going to hand the blog over to her now:

Although I very much enjoyed all the haikus including reading about the restorative powers of coffee, Luna bars, the siren song of bacon, and drinks that shouldn’t be legal mixed with things that are definitely not, I have to hand the prize to Alec:

Energy cri, sis!
“Wonder Twin Powers Activ…!”
…too late. Water’s out.

I admire the creative manipulation of Energy crisis to “Energy cri, sis!” plus how can you not love the inclusion of Wonder Twins in a haiku? (I’m showing my age now, but who cares).

Thanks, Jenny! And congratulations, Alec, you will be choosing the next challenge winner!

Our new first line is too late. Water’s out. Remember, you can change the punctuation and capitalization if you wish. Get cracking, and I’ll see you on Monday!



21 Responses to “Fourteenth Challenge Result (…too late. Water’s out.)”

  1. Kevin Moore Says:

    Too late. Water’s out.
    Carbonated soda and
    Lemon kills the stain.

  2. Kevin Moore Says:

    Too late, water’s out,
    fire’s passé, air’s last year,
    earth’s the latest fad.

  3. Ben Says:

    Too late, Waters out.
    Floyd is just a memory.
    Dark side of the moon.

  4. bvilla Says:

    too late. waters out.
    stomach and bladder dried up.
    dasani sounds nice.

  5. Ben Says:

    Too late, water’s out
    of control. Torrential rains.
    How much for the Ark?

  6. ismoon.maria Says:

    “Too late, Waters! Out
    with your evil plans, foiled
    I’ll get you next time

  7. Ham! Says:

    Too late. Water’s out.
    Dehydration coming next.
    Help me, I’m pruny!

  8. Debrarian Says:

    Too late! Water’s out
    of time. Earth hits the buzzer,
    and slaps hands with Fire.

  9. jenny t Says:

    Too late! Water’s out
    to sea. Primordial soup
    construction setback.

  10. Sam2U Says:

    Too late. Waters out.
    Wait… It’s in again!… No… out.
    I just don’t get tides.

  11. Sam2U Says:

    “Too late, waters out.”
    “Pass the canteen anyway.
    I have got a plan…”

  12. Sam2U Says:

    Too late! Waters’ out;
    Washcloth is safe on second.
    Soap is up to bat.

  13. Sam2U Says:

    Too late – waters out,
    sorry ’bout upholstery…
    This baby’s ready!

  14. Peanut gallery (Sam2u & Alec) Says:

    Too late. Water’s out.
    Foley Catheter, Batman!
    ‘Yer in trouble now…

    -> Haiku AND phonetic pronunciation: too much to resist!

  15. Ben Says:

    To late, waters’ out
    of the bath. Wait! Did you toss
    the baby with it?

  16. Ben Says:

    Too late, waters’ out.
    You can’t hold your glass upright.
    Big drinking problem.

  17. jenny t Says:

    to late, waters’ out…
    then make mine a double with rocks
    liver says good luck?!

  18. jenny t Says:

    too late, water’s out,
    trees next, oil not far behind
    humans kinda suck!

  19. david r Says:

    too late, waters’ out,
    garcon, where’s my tonic?!
    my gin is most parched

    sorry the prior two are also david who apparently cannot work with this new fangled thing called a computer

  20. david r Says:

    too late, waters’ out…
    why do they taste like rat poop?
    oh yeah, they’re raisins.

    depending upon pronunciation styles this last sentence could be called into question, but not that a raisin is a very poor excuse for a grape.

  21. Joanna Says:

    Too late. Water’s out
    of time to remake Star Wars;
    No Divine Vader.

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