Twelfth Challenge Result (Yet, no cell service)

November 3, 2008

Welcome back! Ben has picked a winner, plus he graciously wrote a guest blog entry so I don’t have to. Heeeeere’s Ben!

This week’s first line was a tough one but plenty of you rose to meet the challenge. Go reward yourself with some comfort food. Jenny T would approve:

Or, life poorly lived
Can have its advantages.
Boxed mac and cheese….yum.

And from comfort food to just comfort, from Ham!:

Or life poorly lived?
I’d rather take a shower.
More comfortable

A few entries were philosophical. From Alec:

Or life poorly lived?
Pomegranates left unpicked?
Such talk is fruitless.

And from Kevin Moore:

Or life poorly lived
Leads to death richly deserved
— But that’s just harsh, dude.

Another from Alec:

Or… Life? Poorly lived,
it slips by aimless, adrift…
Still, to be’s my choice.

And since it’s almost election day, how can our thoughts not turn to the political? From ismoon.maria:

or life poorly lived
while waiting for change, hard truths
eight years of hell

Eight years of hell are not the only things that can make you tune out. From the always communicative Joanna:

“…or life poorly lived!”
Granddad pontificated.
(Kid long since tuned out.)

All fine choices but Sam2U is this week’s winner, and not just because the last line may be as difficult to work with as mine was; but because it starts off bleak but manages to sneak in a sly joke :

Or life; poorly lived
in a small room behind bars.
Yet, no cell service.

Thanks, Ben! And congratulations, Sam2U; you have the distinction of being the first winner that I have never met! As the old saying says, Haiku Brings People Together. (Yes, I just made up that saying. It’s my damn blog, I can do what I like.) Anyway, our new first line is Yet, no cell service. As always, feel free to take liberties with punctuation and capitalization.

And, for god’s sake, vote tomorrow!



10 Responses to “Twelfth Challenge Result (Yet, no cell service)”

  1. Becki Says:

    Yet, no, cell service
    Cannot hold a candle to
    Good old room service.

  2. Alec Says:

    Yet. No. Cell. Service.
    Kirk to Enterprise. Scotty?
    No response. Marooned!

  3. Q Says:

    Yet, no cell service
    Quiet in the trees above.
    Squirrel drops a nut.

  4. Ben Says:

    …yet? No. Cell service
    contracts are impossible!
    Can you hear me now?

  5. Ben Says:

    “Yet no cell service,”
    squawked the parrot just before
    he fell from his perch.

  6. Ben Says:

    Yet no cell service
    can bridge the gap between me
    and your cold cold heart

  7. jenny t Says:

    Yet, no cell service.
    Mitochondria on strike.
    Energy crisis!

  8. michelle Says:

    Yet … No! Cell service
    will ne’er replace the beauty
    of words on paper.

  9. Sarah L. Says:

    Yet no cell? Service
    contracts can lead to murder.
    Jail time anyone?

  10. HAM! Says:

    Yet no cell service?
    I know not the name! I have
    Verizon Wireless!

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