Eleventh Challenge Results (or life poorly lived)

October 27, 2008

Greetings! Before I get to Kevin’s pick, let’s review the submissions:

There were many political haiku, from laurie:

The choice is simple
If you believe “yes we can,”
Vote for Obama


The choice is simple.
Sneering “health of the mother”
Won’t win you my vote

and from Ben:

The choice is simple.
If McPallin wins there won’t
be enough vodka

and Mark:

The choice is simple
If I hear “my friends” once more
I’m going to puke!

Other choices in life were discussed by Diana C:

The choice is simple.
“Survivor” or “House” must go:
TiVo’s out of room

and jenny t:

The choice is simple:
French onion soup for dinner,
or French kiss at night.

and jenny t again:

The choice is simple:
One bite? Goes straight to the hips.
Fuck you, Jenny Craig.

and Alec:

The choice is simple:
Weave words in blissful Haiku,
or do my homework.

and Ham!:

The choice is simple
Between supercalifra-
Oh darn! Can’t finish.

and Sam2U:

The choice is simple:
victimize the next, or change
toilet paper roll

and Sam2U again:

The choice is simple
orange, round, bumpy, and fresh
carve imperfection

and again:

The choice is simple.
Socialist or terrorist-
I like Robin Hood

and again:

The choice is simple:
can you look beyond yourself
for the greater good?

ismoon.maria gave us the lovely:

The choice…is simple
blindly grasping decision
head splits, then answers

There were a couple of responses to last week’s chosen haiku, from Alec:

The choice is simple?
I think not. Too much beefcake…
and you will go blind.

and Ben:

The choice is simple?
Pick my damn “cheesecake” haiku!
This won’t win either.

And while Ben was right about that one, here is Kevin’s final decision:

Here is what I think is the best from a competitive field of haiku:

The choice is simple:
sing and dance without your pants,
or life poorly lived.


I like a lot of the election ones, but I have a soft spot for the more frivolous philosophy.

Thanks, Kevin, and congratulations, Ben! So our new first line is or life poorly lived. Yep, that should be an easy one… Remember, capitalization and punctuation may be altered. I will be back on Monday with Ben’s pick!



8 Responses to “Eleventh Challenge Results (or life poorly lived)”

  1. Alec Says:

    Or… Life? Poorly lived,
    it slips by aimless, adrift…
    Still, to be’s my choice.

  2. Ham! Says:

    Or life poorly lived?
    I’d rather take a shower.
    More comfortable.

  3. Alec Says:

    Or life poorly lived?
    Pomegranates left unpicked?
    Such talk is fruitless.

  4. jenny t Says:

    Or, life poorly lived
    Can have its advantages.
    Boxed mac and cheese….yum.

  5. ismoon.maria Says:

    or life poorly lived
    while waiting for change, hard truths
    eight years of hell

  6. Sam2U Says:

    Or life; poorly lived
    in a small room behind bars.
    Yet, no cell service.

  7. Joanna Says:

    “…or life poorly lived!”
    Granddad pontificated.
    (Kid long since tuned out.)

  8. Kevin Moore Says:

    Or life poorly lived
    Leads to death richly deserved
    — But that’s just harsh, dude.

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