Ninth Challenge Results (of vegan cheesecake)

October 13, 2008

Hi folks! There was a lot of changing going on in the latest entries! We will get to Jenny’s pick in just a moment; but first we will appreciate some haiku:

There were two lovely entries from Michelle:

Ewww, ’scuze while I change
my colors to autumnal
warm; the air is chill.


Ewww, ’scuze while I change
into Bob Dylan: “The times,
they are a-changing.”

laurie was also musical:

Ewww, ’scuze while I change
The CD on the player.
Too early for Cher.

Politics were touched on by me:

Ewwww, ’scuze while I change
the channel; Bill O’Reilly
reminds me of puke.

…and ismoon.maria:

ewwww Scuze while I change
the channel because its her
again, Palin Sucks.

And Debrarian painted a beautiful word picture:

Ewww, ’scuze while I change
out of these garden clogs; the
cat left me a gift.

And now we turn to Jenny:

I liked Joanna’s haiku the best – not only did I enjoy the clever use of ’bout pairing up nicely with the ‘scuze, but I also wanted to give her props for using the oxymoron “vegan cheesecake”:

Ewwww, ’scuze while I change
my mind ’bout the “yum” factor
of vegan cheesecake.

Aw shucks, thanks Jenny! So that means our new first line is of vegan cheesecake. I will be choosing the winner on Monday from Reno, so the incomparable Beth & Matt will be helping me out.



14 Responses to “Ninth Challenge Results (of vegan cheesecake)”

  1. Kevin Moore Says:

    Of vegan cheesecake
    There can be no denying:
    It sucks – sucks out loud!

  2. Kevin Moore Says:

    Of vegan cheesecake
    I sing my song of woe and
    Cry, Damn you, PETA!

  3. Kevin Moore Says:

    Of vegan cheesecake
    Or firefighter beefcake,
    The choice is simple.

  4. jenny T Says:

    Of vegan cheesecake
    I die. So sad it was not
    death by chocolate.

  5. ismoon.maria Says:

    Of vegan, cheescake,
    or about veggies, pooky,
    These foods we hold dear

  6. jenny T Says:

    Of vegan cheesecake
    I sing, listlessly and sans
    any verve for life.

  7. david r Says:

    Of vegan cheesecake
    Like poop in my cheerios

  8. Ben Says:

    Of vegan cheesecake,
    uncooked goose and bathtub gin.
    Strange vicodin dreams.

  9. drew Says:

    of vegan cheesecake,
    how do you call it cheesecake
    when there’s no damn cheese?

    take it easy on me folks Joanna and Laurie just taught me how to turn on my computer!!

  10. Ben Says:

    Of vegan cheesecake;
    why would anyone do this?
    So confused. Need pie.

  11. Ben Says:

    Of vegan cheesecake
    I’ll bet it’s stuffed with tofu.
    Ooow, my tummy hurts.

  12. Sam2U Says:

    Of vegan cheesecake
    My curious fork is poised
    Braver than my mouth

  13. Ham! Says:

    Of vegan cheesecake
    my desert is plentiful
    very delicious

  14. Beth Says:

    Of vegan cheesecake
    Squeaky on my teethy
    Please pass the whipped cream

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