Seventh Challenge Results (vowel laxative)

September 29, 2008

Happy New Year! Before we get to Jenny’s excellent guest post announcing this week’s challenge winner, let’s admire some of the entries:

Two great entries from Q:

Crunching syllables
My metaphorical mouth.
Lipstick on a pig.


Crunching syllables…
When you whistle do you blow
Exclamation points?

Sam opined:

Crunching syllables
Like glass. Some poets shouldn’t
read their work aloud.

And Ismoon.Maria added:

Crunching syllables
I prefer running on so
Saying can be fun.

And from me:

Crunching syllables
Before they get too soggy
Alpha-Bits breakfast

Laurie is back in the game (but I think her syllable-counting skills are rusty):

Crunching syllables.
Scrabble tiles break my teeth.
‘Learned the hard way

I’m going to hand things over to Jenny now:

I thought all the haikus were fabulous! However, since I only get to pick one, here goes:

I thoroughly enjoyed and commiserated with Sam’s haiku:

“Crunching syllables
is more up my alley than
crunching the numbers.”

as I tend to immediately spiral downward from “crunching numbers” to “shouting obscenities”. However, I have to go with Kevin Moore’s gustatory delight describing the pitfalls of ingesting the English language too rapidly.

“Crunching syllables,
consonant indigestion,
vowel laxative.”

Congrats, Kevin! Your haiku inspires an unsettling visual: “what are P’s doing in there? I don’t remember eating P’s.”

Thanks, Jenny! Our new first line is Vowel laxative. This ought to be fun. I will be back on Monday with Kevin’s pick.



7 Responses to “Seventh Challenge Results (vowel laxative)”

  1. Q Says:

    Vowel laxative…sorry, I just can’t go there!

  2. Joanna Says:

    Vowel Laxative!
    Now Q’s can rid themselves of
    parasitic U’s.

  3. jenny T Says:

    Vowel Laxative:
    A…E…I…O… and sometimes
    ewwww! ‘Scuze while I change.

  4. jenny T Says:

    Vowel Laxative
    works like ALLI. Talk too much,
    and you poop your pants.

  5. ismoon.maria Says:

    Vowel laxative
    for the bowels of my mind
    I hate being clogged

  6. Ben Says:

    Vowel laxative?
    Impacted semicolon;
    eat more word salad.

  7. Joanna Says:

    testing something…

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